Evolve Streetlight Controller

Remotely Monitor, Control and Schedule Street Lights

The energy bill of streetlights contributes significantly to the total power consumption for Government organizations such as municipalities. Also, due to seasonal changes in duration of natural light, these lights are improperly used. For instance, during summer seasons, the streetlights are turned on well before darkness. Furthermore, this process is manual and due to human error, power wastage occurs on a large scale.
Evolve Street Lighting controller is a device that automates this entire process leading to significant energy savings. It also provides facilities for remote control of the street lights using GPRS technology.Evolve Street Lighting Controller is a comprehensive system which can be connected to all kinds of Street lights including LED. The System is fully programmable and controlled from the controller and remotely via user friendly web application. The user can also monitor & create reports on important parameters such as total power consumption through the web application.


• Bi-directional data transfer
• GPRS Wireless Remote Monitoring & Control
• Automatic Meter Reading with display of following parameters
   o Line & Phase Voltages
   o Phase Current
   o Total KWH
• Web based monitoring & control

Block Diagram of Evolve

Product Description

Evolve consists of two components:
• Gateway (Meter + Modem)
• Web based application


• Engages in a bidirectional communication with Web Based Application Is placed at the switching node
• Contains an intelligent controller along with GPRS based modem & energy meter in a plastic enclosure
• Energy Meter is 3 phase with Modbus RS485 communication interface

Web based application

• Sends commands to the gateway to control the street lights
• Receives commands from gateway to store parameters such as power consumption etc
• Is a cloud server application
• Turns ON/OFF street lights
• User levels with specified roles and responsibilities for each User level. For instance, Manager can generate energy   consumption report while the operator cannot
• Login based authentication with a separate Username and password for each User
• All the data is stored centrally within a database for subsequent processing and displayed on the Dashboard
• Energy Consumption reports can be generated (daily/weekly/monthly) and can be exported in CSV format for further analysis

The Lights controlled by the Evolve controller turn OFF at their scheduled time.

Advantages of Evolve

  • • Monitor : Easy to monitor existing infrastructure of street lighting from a desktop, without having to employ dedicated   personnel. Get reports about energy consumption of each set of lights
  • • Control : Change status of lights (ON or OFF) from a remote location
  • • Schedule : Program ON and OFF timing of lights by creating schedules based on weather conditions and geographical location
  • • Wireless technology : Connects switch nodes to the web without any additional wiring cost
  • • Measure savings : In case lighting conversion to newer technology (like LED) is taking place under an energy service model   then Evolve offers reliable savings data straight to your office without having to rely on manual readings taken from the field.
  • • Savings : Save energy by turning ON lights only when required and then turning them OFF during daytime, without having to   depend on manual labor for this job.
  • • Safety : Turn lights ON automatically at dusk and provide a safe environment for commuters, pedestrians and women travelling   at late hours.
  • • Customization : You can customize your experience of Evolve by working together with our team to generate custom reports and   interfacing new sensors.

Aatapaha installations in India

  • • Vishakhapatnam December 2014, 340 LED lights controlled
  • • Aligarh July 2015, total LED lights under project – 13297 nos.
  • • Shimla August 2015

1st CCMS in Shimla

Aatapaha CCMS Inauguration in ShimlaShimla CCMS inauguration