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General information


Core 25W is built using 10 lenses that are specially designed for street lighting. These lenses help in superior light distribution, compared to 36W CFL based street light.

All weather proof body with IP65 protection.Pressure Die Cast aluminum body with optimum surface area an fins for excellent cooling.
Best in class thermal interface material to ensure uniform contact of LED PCB with heat sink.

Height (H) Width (W) Length (L) Max Pole Dia (MPD)
70 115 380 40

All dimensions are in mm


Case Study
Core 25W
Power Input voltage range Power Factor THD No. of LED Colour
25W 100V – 300V Greater than 0.95 Less than 7% 10 White / Warm white
Electronic drive Efficiency CRI Ingress Protection Application
Integrated >85% Greater than 70 IP65 Lawns, Buldings, Colony Roads