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Product Information

General information

Dectris table is a unique 15W LED down light that has a focused light beam that can be used for illuminating a specific area very well. This results in no light pollution, along with excellent light over the working area. It is used in applications across offices, homes and commercial establishments.

Genral Information
Model name Input System power CCT CRI Light source System efficiency Power factor THD
Dectris – table 230V,50Hz AC 15 W 6500K | 3000K 85 DEC 1.3 >80% >0.95 <7%
Case Study
Parameter Power Colour Maximum Life (hr) Daily operation (hr)
CFL based downlight (18W * 2) 36W White 6,000 12
Dectris – table 15W White 50,000 12
Energy saved in 1 year
Number of lights Energy cost with CFL* Energy cost with dectris table* Total Savings*
10 9460.80 3942.00 5518.80
* Assuming energy cost as 6 per unit
Height (H) 135
Dia (D) 200
Cutout(CO) 172